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ESPN: The Knicks are looking into Toney Douglas trades.

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Toney Douglas has fallen from starting point guard to very bad starting point guard to benchwarmer this season. Even when relieved of those starting duties, Toney never quite found his shot and couldn't have the type of defensive impact we'd come to expect from him. There were murmurs of lingering shoulder pain and off-court issues. Those problems seem to have dissipated, but with Jeremy Lin starting, Baron Davis healthy, and Mike Bibby technically alive, Douglas hasn't touched the floor since mid-February. Douglas, who had his option for next year picked up a little while back and turns 26 in a few days, would probably like to be elsewhere. The Knicks, according to this ESPN report, are doing what they can to make that happen:

A source told on Tuesday that the Knicks are exploring trade options involving Toney Douglas. ESPN NBA analyst Chris Broussard confirmed it with the website this morning.


No specific names have surfaced as to who the Knicks may target for Douglas, but chances are they could go after another big-man defender and rebounder.

Yeah, uh...good luck with that. I think it makes sense for the Knicks to try and trade Douglas before Thursday (though I still love him and it would sadden me), but I can't imagine another team being willing to part with a living, breathing human in exchange for a guy whose value is so low. Perhaps a late draft pick or some cash or a handful of tadpoles, but a "big-man defender"? Doesn't seem likely.

In any event, Toney's been a gentleman about the whole ordeal, but this certainly isn't how he wanted to spend his third year in the league. He deserves a chance to do what Toney Douglas do elsewhere.The Knicks have two days to see if such a chance exists.