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And now here come the Knicks to shoot everything down!

If you missed the reports this morning, 1. bless you. 2. all of them are bad. Basically, we have coinciding stories that Carmelo Anthony is at odds with his teammates, coach, and front office, but not Jeremy Lin, they're cool, that Mike D'Antoni has lost the respect of his players but really it's just Melo's fault, that Melo wants to be traded but not really and the Knicks want to trade him but not really. All of this was reported by beat guys who heard things from the mouths of nameless people whose ears apparently heard things from the Knicks themselves. Well, the Knicks just had shootaround, and reporters got to speak directly to the principals of their stories.

Here's Melo, via Ian Begley:

Melo on trade report: 'I’m tired of anonymous sources. I don’t want to be traded. I don’t know where that foolishness came from'

Read Steve Popper's article for a lot more. Of course, now Marc Berman's all like WELL YEAH HE HAS TO SAY THAT. Also this.

Naturally, Mike D'Antoni had to shoot down reports that he'd lost touch with his players:

Speaking after Wednesday's shoot around, coach Mike D'Antoni says he believes that he has the full support of the locker room.

Cool! No problems. Everything is fine.