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Things From Mike Woodson's First Knicks Practice

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Evening, backhoes! Mike Woodson led his first practice as Knicks head coach today, and I just wanted to run through a few links and quotes and things telling us about how that went.

- First, here's video (already linked in a comment section elsewhere, but here it is again) of Woodson speaking to reporters after practice. I don't remember anything he said because I was transfixed by his beard and the shape of his head (The cameraman fell victim to that, too. At one point he zooms in uncomfortably close), but it sure sounded intelligent.

- Amar'e Stoudemire, in the Post:

"He's going to utilize his leading scorers, myself and Carmelo (Anthony), make sure he takes advantage of every opportunity on the court,'' Stoudemire said after practice. "We've been profound scorers all our careers. He wants to make sure we take advantage of that."

"It’s going to be different for us,’’ Stoudemire added. "Coach Woodson has his offense and offensive schemes. We have to readjust to that. We are all receiving it well. We’re excited about it. We can’t wait to play in the new offense.‘’

PROFOUND scorers, y'all. Woodson specifically mentions in the video above that he intends to go to Amar'e and Melo down the stretch of games, not that that's at all novel or surprising.

- And here are three tweet twat by Jared Zwerling this afternoon that shine a tiny bit of light on how Woodson's changing the offense:

One noticeable difference b/w Woodson and D'Antoni's practice was that there was a slower pace today, highlighted by halfcourt sets.

Seems to be more cross screens from midrange to create slashes for Amare and Tyson to the hoop. Also more down screens for Melo to get open.

Jerome Jordan said the offense didn't feel much different, except there is a little more movement. Like a flex offense, esp. to help Melo.

- And one more thing via Howard Beck (which gets touched upon in the video linked up top):

Nothing official yet, but Woodson looking to add Darrell Walker to staff. Also plans to hire his former HS coach, Bill Smith, in some role.

Walker, of course, is a former Knick. He also coached the Raptors and Wizards for a couple very bad seasons.

And that's what's up with the Knicks and their new Mr. Potato Head Coach.