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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers- 3/16/12

Evening, tunafishes! The Knicks play the first of a back-to-back home-and-home with the Pacers tonight at Madison Square Garden. Indiana's had a pretty good week so far. They lost in Orlando on Sunday, but won both backs of a back-to-back against the Blazers and Sixers earlier in the week. Jeff Foster will sit for Indiana, but everybody else (as far as I can tell) is healthy.

This will be New York's first game after getting a chance to practice under Mike Woodson, so be on the lookout for some changes in approach that may not have been evident during Wednesday's win over the Blazers. Only Bill Walker (elbow) and Toney Douglas (Toney Jr.!!!!!) will be out for New York.

This here's your thread for comments during the game. This here is Indy Cornrows. As always, please don't post photos, .gifs, illegal streams, or equations for finding the mass of a scallop in the thread. Tip-off's at 7:30. Get 'em, Knicks.