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Darrell Walker, Jim Todd, and Bill Smith are all with the Knicks now.

You may have noticed a few new faces on the bench beside/behind Mike Woodson during last night's win in Indiana. Mike D'Antoni, as you know, took his brother Dan and resident Viggo Mortensen impersonator Phil Weber* with him when he resigned from the Knicks. That left new head coach Mike Woodson to hastily fill out his coaching staff, and Woody got that done in just a couple of days. Darrell Walker and Jim Todd were added to the staff as assistant coaches while Bill Smith was brought in as an adviser.

(*Have you ever read Weber's "Coach File" on It's AWESOME to the very last line.)

To learn more about the new guys, read Steve Popper's articles oon the hirings, or take the jump for a helpful chart I made you.

Darrell Walker Jim Todd Bill Smith
Title Assistant coach Assistant coach Adviser
Appearance This This The photo in this article is the most recent one I can find.
Resume points of note Drafted by Knicks in 1983, Played ten-year NBA career including three seasons with Knicks, Former head coach of Raptors and Wizards (interim), Former assistant coach of Hornets and Pistons Former (interim) head coach of Clippers, Former assistant coach of Raptors, Bucks, Hawks and Kings (until just a few days ago)
Former head coach at Broad Ripple High School, Former Hawks consultant
Connection to Woodson Long-time peer (both as player and coach), mutual friends with Isiah Thomas (AHHHH!!!!) On same staff as Woodson in Milwaukee and Atlanta Woodson's high school coach
Number of mustaches Zero One Undetermined
Last name ever used as a first name? Occasionally Often Very rarely
Ever been President of the United States? No No No

Hope that clears some things up. Welcome to the new coaches!