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Jerome Jordan is headed back to the D-League.

Alas, not all D-League call-ups can flourish and become starters/global sensations. Jerome Jordan hasn't done too much since returning to the Knicks after a very brief stint with the Bayhawks, and with everybody healthy now, he probably won't be needed even in emergency situations. Thus, back to Erie he goes, this time without Jeremy Lin to keep him company on the mule ride over. Here's the press release via Tommy Dee:

New York Knickerbockers Senior Vice President, Basketball Operations and Interim General Manager Glen Grunwald announced today that the team has reassigned center Jerome Jordan to the Erie Bayhawks of the NBA Development League.

Feels good to be a Bayhawk fan again! We wish Jerome the best in his second D-League stint. I'll be keeping tabs on his performance in Erie and will report back with any noteworthy information. Oh, and since somebody's gonna ask: Jordan is still on the Knick roster even when he's on assignment, so this does not create space for a new player to be added.