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Might we see more lineups with both Jeremy Lin and Baron Davis?

Another of the many backcourt possibilities. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Another of the many backcourt possibilities. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Knicks practiced today-- it was day two of their "mini training camp"-- and THE topic of like every single report filed afterward was that Jeremy Lin and Baron Davis briefly practiced together in the same unit. D'Antoni commented on the Davis-Lin lineup afterward:

D'Antoni called it "a normal part of practice" but didn't rule out the possibility of using the Lin-Davis pairing in a game.

"We might have both of them in. So they're just getting used to each other, playing with each other," the coach said.

The two have actually shared the floor before-- for like a minute in the third quarter of that loss to the Nets-- but other than that, they've been switching off point guard duties. With both on the court, it sounds like Baron does more ball-handling and Jeremy (who's quietly made some neat plays off the ball) scooches over to the two spot, though he obviously doesn't lose his creative skills with the position shift (that's not how it works, right?).

The fact that D'Antoni experimented with the lineup for 15 minutes in practice isn't especially exciting, but there could be further use for that tandem down the road. For what it's worth, both guys enjoyed their time together:

"I'm comfortable doing it and at the same time I don't have to have all the ball-handling responsibilities," Lin said. "Hopefully maybe we'll do something like that later on."


"[Lin's] a great player and he makes plays. And I make plays. It makes it easy for both of us when we're out there as two playmakers," said Davis, who had his strongest game as a Knick on Wednesday against Cleveland. "Then you put Melo in the situation and Landry, we've got four guys that can make plays off the dribble and out of the pick and roll."

The upshot, really, is that D'Antoni has a TON of configurations-- like a dozen in the backcourt alone-- at his disposal now. It wouldn't be productive to just shuffle through units the way some of us in the comment sections would like, but he can use practices like today's to give lineups a test run and gauge chemistry with the potential for in-game deployment. And, match-ups willing, it does sound like a Lin-Davis backcourt could see the floor at one point or another. Something to keep an eye on.