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Tuesday Bearded Pygmy Chameleons


Evening, polo 'roids. The Knicks tip off in just over an hour, but I'd like to sneak some links in before I post the game thread. Jump! Go! There isn't much time, so I'm just going to shout them all!

- I dunno, they look more like goatees to me!

- This week's Knicks Power Rankings! AHH!!!

- My new friend Phil Naessens had me on his podcast! All the way in Greece! GREEEEECE!

- Carmelo Anthony totally wasn't trying before Mike D'Antoni left! Everybody's mad! MELO WHYYY!!!!!??

- Spudd got a walk! He's okay, assuming he avoided traffic on the West Side Highway! WATCH OUT!!!

- Don't forget that teams tend to go bananas under new coaches! BANANAAAAS!

- On that note, all these Knickerbloggers be posting at the Times! MIIIIKE! JIIIIIM!

- The Knicks suck when the opposition is well rested and they aren't! NOOOO!!!!

- What if James Dolan tried to make a public appearance like Joe Lacob did last night!? BOOOOO!!!!

- "Dive into Woody's world!" WOODYYYYYY!!!!

- Iman Shumpert's a great defender but he gets caught in screens too often! SHUMP WHY!!!!???

- Bill Bradley fighting Rick Barry! FIIIIIIGHT!!!!

Whew. Those are the links. Game thread in a little while.