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Jared Jeffries will rest his knee again.


Jared Jeffries had a fairly scary moment last night when he went up for a layup, got blocked, and came down to the floor grimacing and grabbing at his knee like it had fallen off. The injury doesn't sound nearly as grave as it looked-- it seems he aggravated a pre-existing injury and had some swelling-- but it'll keep him out for another bit.

He will get treatment on the injury over the next two days and plans to get an MRI on Saturday or Monday. He said after the game that his knee is so swollen that 'it's hard for me to have control of what happens.'

Jeffries did not rule out the possibility of playing on Saturday against Detroit.

Don't ask why the MRI has to wait until "Saturday or Monday". That's just how magnets work.

Let's hope the injury is nothing new and serious. It seems like this knee issue could bug Jared for the rest of the year, but losing him for real would be pretty rough for the Knick bench. That said, I'm pretty confident in New York's depth at his position. [Sounds wild boar call]. JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORTS!