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Knicks vs. Sixers Leftovers

The Knicks made it five straight by beating the Sixers 82-79 last night, and there's plenty of stuff to review. The win included a few interesting plot points and several highlights worth keeping around. Take the jump for 'em.

- It does sound like Tyson Chandler's fourth quarter benching last night was for match up purposes (a succinct explanation) and nothing else. Philly went with Holiday-Williams-Meeks-Iguodala-Young/Brand for most of the fourth quarter, so quicker defenders were needed. Woodson had a choice between Amar'e Stoudemire and Chandler to match up with Young/Brand, and he went with Amar'e. It worked.

- From our friend Jared Dubin:

JR Smith LOVES taking the last shot of the quarter. 1-17 on the year after tonight. He's only played 15 games too.

- We begin the video portion of this post with my favorite play from last night. Jeremy Lin has thrown some perfectly arced outlet lobs this season, and last night's lead dish to Carmelo Anthony (after some great team defense) was one of his finest:

Perfectly in stride. Every time Lin gets a long rebound, Knick wings bolt down the court, and that's why.

- Here's one huge play in the fourth quarter. Lou Williams had just tied the game with a three. Carmelo Anthony came the other way and missed a layup, but J.R. Smith made a terrific play to corral the rebound and get it back out to Lin, Lin found Melo under the basket, and Melo redirected Lin's pass to Amar'e SOFAST.

The pass was gorgeous, but don't underestimate Earl's one-handed dribble-snag to secure possession out of a crowd. That play broke a tie early in the fourth.

- Minutes later, Lin went behind his back to ditch Holiday, then avoided Elton Brand at the rim for the righty lay-in:

- This one helped preserve a Knick lead while their offense was collapsing. Stoudemire got beat down the floor by Brand, but more than made up for it:

Check out Elton's arm grab as he's falling, that scoundrel.

Big plays, all of 'em. Great, gritty win. Mmm.