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P&T Video: Iman Shumpert busts a mismatch.

Hey y'all. The P&T YouTube channel is taking a little while to get going because I've had some technical troubles (read: I am accident prone), but I and the folks at the SBN Studios been messing around with a bit and decided to put together a quick clip illustrating Iman Shumpert's terrific hands and ability to disrupt opposing offense even when facing a mismatch. Here, the 6'9" Amir Johnson gets the same treatment that a lot of big men have this season-- expose the basketball for even a second and Shump will devour it. Have a look:

I picked a quick, simple play for our first clip, but if this is something y'all are into, I'd love to do a lot more of these. I've also got some other stuff planned in the near future and hope to start posting videos regularly quite soon. That was pretty vague, but just go with it.