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Friday Tropical Thornytail Iguanas


Photo: Questathon50

Good Friday, cavepuppets! There aren't too many hours until the Knicks tip off. If you'd like to break up those hours of waiting and shaving and re-shaving your arms, here are a few links to keep you busy.

- They do have some rather thorny tails.

- You'll have to hurt your neck (or turn your computer on its side) to watch this one, but here's Baron Davis trying and failing to scare J.R. Smith (at least I think that's J.R. Smith), via Tyson Chandler.

- Amar'e Stoudemire just says some hilarious stuff, guys. This is how he talks:

"We're playing this way for ourselves," he said. "We're playing this way for the city of New York, the state of New York. Coach Woodson is obviously our general. He has the game plan for us, but as comrades we've got to go out there and play as hard as we can and get these wins. That's what we're doing."


- Late on this one, but Jared Zwerling's piece on the significance of Jared Jeffries is great, and there's a follow-up conversation with Tommy Dee up as well now, too.

- I'm not sure I heard ALL of the Knicks' names, but this is as good a 2012 Knicks rap as I've heard.

- They're broadcasting tonight's game in Mandarin, which is cool.

- <3

- Transcript of a cOoL cHaT Alan Hahn did today.

- Jeremy Lin's getting crafty, y'all. Well done, Jeremy.

- Speaking of which, they're trying to get rid of that "Linsanity" weed. Awwwwww.

- Jamie O'Grady sees a tough two-week stretch in April that could pretty much decide everything.

Those were some links. I hope you liked clicking at least a few of them. They're putting me back in my cage now so goodbye until later.