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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pistons- 3/24/12

Evening, friends. 24 hours after a pretty rough loss, the Knicks have a chance to redeem themselves tonight against the Detroit Pistons. This feels like a pretty big game, as the Knicks of 2012 have been prone to going on slides after one bad loss, and it'd mean a lot-- to me, anyway-- for New York to return home and get back on track against a pretty bad Detroit team. This is the Knicks' first recovery-type game since Mike Woodson has been coach, and it'd be a good sign for them to, ya know, recover.

These Pistons have been decent over the last month or two, but they're quite poor on the road (4-19) and have lost four straight games. New York can and should beat them, but they'll have to play with much more vigor and precision than they did last night to make sure of that. Limit turnovers, make free throws, convert open shots, and exert the necessary energy to finish small plays. We've seen 'em do it.

This here's your thread to comment along if you're watching. This here is Detroit Bad Boys, a fine Pistons blog. As always, please don't post photos, .gifs, illegal streams, or teeth whitening tips for infants in the thread. Go get 'em, Knickses.

Oh, and Jared Jeffries is out for two weeks. So...yeah. Jorts it is.