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Amar'e Stoudemire is out 2-4 weeks. Jeremy Lin is out tonight.


Okay, we've finally got word from the Knicks on the statuses of Amar'e Stoudemire's bulging disc and Jeremy Lin's sore left (I keep reading different things, but it's the left one according to Jeremy) knee. First, here's the Knicks' statement on Amar'e, via TKB:

Amar’e will return to New York from Miami, FL today after seeking a second opinion on a bulging disc of his lower back. Both doctors have agreed that he should undergo non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation, that will include an epidural. He is expected to be out for approximately 2-4 weeks.

I suppose the decision to forgo surgery is promising, but there's a wide range of possible outcomes for Amar'e's rehab. Two weeks would take us to mid-April, with ten-ish games remaining. Four weeks would pretty much be the rest of the regular season. So, we'll see how that goes (and how Amar'e performs once he's back on the court). In the meantime, Jared Jeffries still has a week or two to sit, so we may be seeing more lineups with Carmelo Anthony at the four, or possibly much heavier minutes for Josh Harrellson.

Also in the meantime, the Knicks have a game against the Magic tonight. Jeremy Lin and his knee have been downgraded from questionable to out entirely while Carmelo Anthony is still listed as questionable, though I suspect he'll play. So, at the very least, we'll see Baron Davis start tonight. If Melo has to sit as well, I have no idea what sort of lineups we'll get. (Update: Howard Beck now says Melo's probable.)

You suck, injuries.