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We may see some Toney Douglas tonight.

Baron Davis didn't look totally up for the 34 minutes he played on Monday night against the Bucks, and with Jeremy Lin needing at least another day to rest, Mike Woodson would probably rather not test Baron's sore back/legs/beard more than he has to. Mike Bibby, Iman Shumpert, and (from the look of things) J.R. Smith each played some spots of point guard on Monday. Tonight, Woodson may be inclined to unearth a man who's been buried on the bench since Mike D'Antoni stuck him there almost two months ago. Via Marc Berman:

With Jeremy Lin out for the Knicks again tonight vs. Orlando with a sore left knee, coach Mike Woodson said he will try to limit new starting point guard Baron Davis’ minutes and is strongly considering dusting off Toney Douglas.


Woodson, asked if he would turn to Douglas to limit Davis’ minutes, said, "Absolutely. I've got to find a way to play three point guards, even four because the rookie (Iman Shumpert) can go both ways. I've got to figure that out as I go along."

I'm pretty sure Woodson's made that suggestion before without really following through, but the events of the last game might finally force him to let Douglas spin. We know from experience that Toney can't be expected to do lots of point guard-y things, but it'd be a big help if he could just do what Toney Douglas do for a few minutes. If he can annoy the Orlando guards, hit a few open shots, and penetrate a bit, it'd serve the Knicks quite well. Given what we've seen from Davis and Bibby, I'd be fully in favor of giving TD a shot to DWTDD anew. The time has come.