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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Magic- 3/28/12

Evening, margarhinos! We've got another weird one ahead of us tonight. The Knicks face the Magic, but not all the usual Knicks will be involved. Amar'e Stoudemire won't be seen for another few weeks. Jeremy Lin will sit tonight. Carmelo Anthony, despite harboring an injured groin, will play. Toney Douglas is expected to see some minutes, and Jerome Jordan might even get to spin off the bench (COMMENCE PANJEROMIUM).

So, this should be interesting! The Magic have already demonstrated this year that they're perfectly capable of torching the Knicks from downtown, so the New York defense will have to be just as sharp as it was against the Bucks for them to have a shot in this one. We'll see.

This is your game thread, this is the excellent Orlando Pinstriped Post, and this is a periwinkle. As always, please refrain from posting photos, .gifs, illegal streams, and Wavy Gravy tribute poetry in the thread. Even though the Knicks are at home tonight, tip-off is at 7, not 7:30. Don't be late or we'll all laugh at you and set you on fire.