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P&T Video: Carmelo Anthony Passes Out of Orlando Double Teams

Hey guys! Remember that time the Knicks beat the Orlando Magic? That was pretty great, right? One thing that was great about it was how Carmelo Anthony couldn't be stopped. It'd been a while since we'd seen Melo get hot like that, but he made shots over pretty much any defender the Magic sent his way. Melo scored a couple of his baskets over multiple guys as well but, for the most part, was quick to identify and pass out of double teams. The rest of the Knicks-- most notably Iman Shumpert, who hit four of ten three-pointers-- feasted off Melo's inside-out offerings and scored off open jumpers and open lanes to the rim.

So, it was great to see Melo score over the D like we know he can, and even greater to see him punish Orlando for bringing help defense. I, with the help of my friends at SBN Studios and, arranged some of those plays into a li'l video for y'all. Don't mind my horrendously grating speaking voice.