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Jeremy Lin will have knee surgery.


Man, I hate injuries so much. As you've probably heard, Jeremy Lin's injury turned out to be a torn meniscus in his left knee. After a few days to deliberate-- hence the media silence, I suppose-- Lin and the Knicks determined surgery to be the best course of action. The repairs will shelve Lin for about six weeks, which is the rest of the regular season and a hefty chunk of any playoff run. Here are the details from Marc Berman:

"Our goal was to give it about five to seven days to see how it reacts and see if I can play on it the rest of the season,’’ Lin said in discussing the strategy after the MRI revealed the tear last Monday night. "I knew I had to have surgery at some point - whether it was now or after the end of the season. We did rehab all day (for a week). We did everything we could. Today was the one week mark. ‘’

First off, best of luck to Lin in recovery.

This sucks a lot, and it leaves the Knicks with some problems to solve in the backcourt. Mike Woodson and Glen Grunwald have Baron Davis (who is injured), Mike Bibby, Toney Douglas, and sometimes Iman Shumpert available, and perhaps some possibility of making a small move.

We'll see. For now, the Knicks have to find a way to beat the Cavaliers (without Kyrie Irving) without Lin or Amar'e Stoudemire or Jared Jeffries.