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Postgame Thread: Celtics 115, Knicks 111

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Ugh. Every time. Evvvvery time. The Celtics are just savants at playing close with the Knicks, then making small plays and hitting tough shots down the stretch to win the game. If you missed it: The Knicks started strong, then swooned, then took a double-digit lead, then swooned again, then fell down by double digits, then chipped their way back into the game, then took a three-point lead in the final minute, then surrendered it on one preposterous shot by Paul Pierce, then crumbled in overtime. In related news, I think I just coughed up a lung.

'Twas nearly identical to every other time the Celtics have beat the Knicks in recent history. They just never fail to cause us harm. Pierce alone has probably taken several months off my lifespan.

Tough, tough loss. Recap's coming up later. In the meantime, give your postgame reactions here. Be kind to one another.