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Monday Emerald Glass Frogs


Photo: Brian Gratwicke

Evening, chefs de partie. Want to look at some links? No? Oh. Okay. I mean...I have all these links. Do you want to maybe just look at them so they don't go to waste? Thank you. You don't have to give me that look like this is such an inconvenience. Just check out the links and go back to whatever you were doing. Jeez.

Forgot to mention, you're going to have to take the jump for them. I'm SORRY.

- Glass frogs like the rather cute emerald glass frog tend to have semi-translucent skin. You can sometimes see their organs. Their ORGANS.

- New DoC!

- An exceedingly detailed press release about Jeremy Lin's companions on his fishing trip last week, including a photo of Jeremy with a fish friend.

- Steve Novak: Pretty good at three-pointers.

- Howard Megdal's recap of yesterday's loss to the Celtics includes a lot of excellent points about New York's changes in approach during the game.

- Mike D'Antoni took great pains to defend his strategy of not fouling up three.

- Tyson Chandler talks about his championship ring, which he will receive tomorrow in Dallas. I guess they give those out when you do good basketball stuff? Do I have that right?

- J.R. Smith makes it sound like there's another "Bishop" haircut in his future. It wasn't done right the first time, you see.

Okay, that's all the links. See? That wasn't so bad. Now go back to counting oats or whatever you were doing.