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Tyson Chandler and Jeremy Lin return to Dallas.

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Tyson Chandler and Jeremy Lin had somewhat different experiences as members of the Mavericks. Tyson played a full season in Dallas and helped lead the Mavericks to a championship. Jeremy played a few Vegas games, then signed elsewhere after helping lead the Mavericks to zero championships. Tyson's a big fancy showboat. Not surprising. Anyway, Chandler and Lin are both feeling feelings upon returning to Dallas. Lin's thankful that Donnie Nelson gave him a shot:

"He was the only GM of all 30 teams that gave me a chance to play on his summer league team," Lin said of Nelson. "Thank you to him. Ever since then, a lot has happened and being able to go through some growth and improvement and now being apart of this organization, I'm very thankful for it all."

Chandler will get to wear his ring tonight (assuming his heavily padded hand has room for it), and is thrilled to finally have that honor:

"It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for really since we won,’’ Chandler said. "We’ve done a lot of celebrations, but I’m looking forward to getting the hardware.

"I’m sure it will be a good reception,’’ Chandler added. "A lot of my energy was feeding off the fans here. I grew to love them. They grew to love me.’’

Cool stuff, guys. Now get the hell out there and beat the Mavs again. You BETTER NOT turn that ball over, Jeremy. And I don't CARE that your wrist is in shambles, Tyson. You must DOMINATE. BOTH OF YOU. Or I'll FIGHT YOU.

Sorry, things just got way too tender before.