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Game Thread: Knicks at Mavericks- 3/6/12

Evening, graham crackers. We gots an interesting game on our hands tonight. The Knicks are in Dallas for the second game of their four-game road trip and first of a Texas back-to-back. The Mavericks are going through some tough times-- they've lost five of their last six, including a collapse in Oklahoma City last night. Dirk Nowitzki's been playing well, but he isn't getting much help. Even still, these are the same Mavs who got cracked by Jeremy Lin and friends two weeks ago, and we've already seen one decidedly inferior team come back and kill the Knicks in their revenge game (hey, Deron). I am wary.

In injury news, Brendan Haywood turned his ankle last night and probably won't play for the Mavs, which means Ian Mahinmi will start against the injured-but-playing-through-it-goddammit Tyson Chandler.

Segueing of Tyson Chandler, the big dude will get his championship ring and a video tribute before tonight's game. It's a big, proud moment for him, and it'll be interesting to see how he plays following that excitement.

And that's what's up! Comment here if you're watching along, check out Mavs Moneyball for all things maverick, and as always, please refrain from posting photos, .gifs, illegal streams, or instructions for hotwiring a jetski in the thread. Tip-off's at 8:30.