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Jerome Jordan has been called up from Erie.

I mentioned this in passing last night, but I've seen some confusion in the comments, so here's the link and stuff again: Jerome Jordan is back (wearing the 4-4)! From the sound of things, he got called up right around the time the team realized Tyson Chandler and Jared Jeffries would both miss games, though I'd read elsewhere that he was expected to get called up this weekend anyway. But enough about the Knicks-- this article about his time with the Erie Bayhawks (which is apparently supposed to be stylized as "BayHawks") is lovely! Jerome kinda dominated in Erie:

The New York Knicks recalled their 7-foot rookie center after he averaged 18 points, 10 rebounds and 3.33 blocks in Erie's last three games that all ended for wins for the BayHawks (19-17).

Damn! And look at this:

"He's a great teammate, great guy and a great presence on the court," BayHawks power forward Kyle Goldcamp said. "It really helps. He understands the offense very well and really helped us win a lot of games."


"It's going to hurt losing him, truthfully," Goldcamp said.

Oh man! That...that kind of made my day. Well done, Jerome. You're a hero. Now hurry on back to the Knicks (sounds like he's practicing with them in Milwaukee today). Folks are injured, so there might actually be some minutes for you this time around. The last time the Knicks were short-handed and had to call up and give minutes to a D-Leaguer, things went pretty well. This time...PANJEROMIUM. No? Nevermind.