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Happy 5th birthday, P&T! We got a YouTube channel.

Guys, it's March 8th! You know what means, right? You don't? Oh. Well, that means it's our fifth birthday. It's been five years since my first post here, and in that time we've come a long away and grown quite a bit. I'm delighted to have such a lively and ridiculous membership and incredibly thankful to be working with Gian and Osborn, who are the greatest. Take the jump for your present (WARNING: It includes my face.)

So, we've got a YouTube channel now. Sorry, that's the present. You can subscribe to it right here if you're the subscribin' type, and you can see a li'l introductory video below:

There will be more, worse stuff in the near future, and I'm open to any and all recommendations. This is all part of SB Nation's new YouTube project, which is a fine endeavor. If you haven't seen any of the videos, I'd recommend EDSBS's "Shutdown Fullback" (even if you don't like college football, which I definitely don't) first and foremost.

Anyway, happy 5th, y'all. And many more!