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A P&T and LoHud Knicks Blog State of the Knicks Spreecast (9 PM)

Evening, umbrella birds. Since you haven't seen enough of my awful, awful face today, I'm going to be doing a live "State of the Knicks" "Spreecast" with the gentleman Jamie O'Grady of the LoHud Knicks Blog. It's a thing where I go on my computer and look at my camera and look at things and say things. Starting at 9 PM, we'll be talking about the Knicks, singing in canon, and, as I understand it, taking questions from internet folks. It's kind of a bummer that we picked this point in the season to do something like this, but we'll try not to resort to tears while on the air. Or at least I will.

Take the jump for the link and the embedded thing, or just go back to whatever you were doing.

You can participate at Spreecast by clicking here or (I think) look at it by clicking on this box below:

Sorry once again for making you look at me.