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Guess tonight's leading scorer and you could win a Jeremy Lin t-shirt.

Hey! Hi. So, friend of P&T Jeffrey Zhang was kind enough to offer us a free Jeremy Lin t-shirt to be given away. You can see the shirt (which is pretty cool, includes zero puns, and is not even a little racist!) right here or after the jump.


Here's a pretty-looking girl (unless she has horrible evil eyes or something) wearing it:


If you would like to have that shirt to put on your body or blend into a smoothie and drink or whatever it is you do with shirts, here's what you do (if you've been around, you know how this works): Post a comment naming the one Knick you expect to lead the team in scoring tonight. You don't have to say how many points, just who you think will score the most for New York. Comments will close and the contest will be locked at 8:00, half an hour before game time, so get 'em in early. After the game, I'll pick one person randomly from those who answered correctly and get in touch with you so the shirt can be delivered.

Oh, if you comment with multiple answers, you will be disqualified. If multiple Knicks tie for leading scorer, then I'll include everybody who answered with each of those Knicks.

Oh, and if you don't win the freebie and just want to purchase the shirt, Jeffrey told me that the coupon code PTKNICKS will get you 15 percent off.