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Jerome Jordan is headed back to the BayHawks.

This time it's probably for good! Josh Harrellson is healthy and mustachioed and Jared Jeffries is back in uniform, so the Knicks feel comfortable letting Jerome Jordan return to his primary occupation: dominating the D-League from Erie, Pennsylvania. Here's the announcement:

The Knicks announced on Tuesday that they reassigned Jerome Jordan to the Erie BayHawks of the NBA Development League for the third time this season.

Even when the New York frontcourt was at its shorthandedest, Jordan hardly got to spin, so we'll only really be missing the opportunities to watch Jordan navel-gaze on the bench and log a few garbage time minutes here and there.

Meanwhile, this is incredibly well-timed for the BayHawks. Erie's first playoff game is on Thursday against the Austin Toros, so they're bringing in Jordan as something of a ringer. Jerome's put up some menacing numbers in his few games in Erie, and hopefully he can keep up the great work this time around. Once again, we are all BayHawks fans.