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Game Thread: Knicks at Bulls- 4/10/12

Evening, geographers! The Knicks are in Chicago for a late, nationally televised rematch with the Bulls. After crumbling down the stretch and getting their hearts ripped out by Carmelo Anthony's three-pointers, the Bulls will probably be especially motivated to get their revenge tonight (or, said differently, they probably won't be spotting the Knicks 20 points this time around). However, Derrick Rose might not play (it sounds unlikely as I write this), so the match-ups could shake out a little differently. Rose or no Rose, it'd probably behoove the Knicks to do a better job on the defensive glass and hit more than 38 percent of their shots in this one.

This'll be the game thread for those of us watching along. Blog a Bull remains a splendid Chicago blog (Chiblogo?) worth checking out. As always, please refrain from posting photos, .gifs, illegal streams, and recordings of glockenspiel ballads in the thread. Tip-off tonight is at 9:30, and the game will be televised on ESPN as well as MSG. After that, it's straight to bed for you, little one. No buts about it.