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Thursday Desert Iguanas


Photo: Wilson44691

Evening, cocktails. I hope y'all had wonderful, burn-free Thursdays. If you'd like to lay your eyes on a few Knicks-related links tonight, I suggest you take the jump.

- Desert iguanas are apparently really common in the Southwest. Any of y'all ever seen one? Talked to one?

- Jason Concepcion and Steve McPherson, two fine individuals, discussed/compared the meteoric rises and injury-related downfalls of Jeremy Lin and Ricky Rubio. It's really excellent, entertaining writing.

- Also from HP: Steve Von Horn shows that, even if you think Tyson Chandler is great, he's probably better than you think he is. This even goes for most of us that watch him every night. The man has had an absurd season.

- Couple good things on J.R. Smith today: Chris Celetti mulls his fickle, unpredictable presence on the court...

- ...and Dan of the Knicks FanBlog wonders if J.R. digging his team out of a mess that he played a big part in creating really counts as "clutch".

- I kinda don't think Iman Shumpert needed Bruce Bowen's validation,

- And here are Mike Woodson and Smith himself discussing the above.

- From here on out, New York's strength of schedule is actually quite weak. Didn't they have an exceptionally difficult schedule just a week or two ago? I guess they got the tough games out of the way (and won a bunch of them)?

Cool. Excellent. Enjoy your nights, friends!