6th seed for the Knicks

So I come home from going out tonight, turn on the TV and what do I see? Dwight howard out with a herniated disc indefinitely. BOOM! Orlando has 7 games left, the Knicks are 3 games behind. We've dominated them by having Tyson shut down Dwight. Without him the Magic are not a great team. If we go 5-2 in our schedule which is definitely a possibility as our 'tough' games are Boston, Miami, LAC, and Atl, and ORL goes 2-5 (without DH is not a shocking thing), we can get the 6th seed and play the Pacers who we should've swept if we didn't blow that one fourth quarter, we get the 6th seed. So...Lets win the games we should win and go 1/3 on the ahard ones...Pacers for 1st round and then run the table. I'm feeling good about these chances!! Who's with me?