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Injury Updates on Iman Shumpert, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Jeremy Lin

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The Knicks practiced today and we've since gotten word of some injury updates and such. Take the jump for 'em.

- Iman Shumpert was originally listed as "questionable" following last night's ankle sprain, but now it sounds like he'll almost definitely play. Shump himself twat the following:

I'll be ready to go vs Miami we outchea

So, yeah. Guess he's fine. He didn't run much in practice today, though, because they're trying to avoid more swelling in the ankle.

- Amar'e Stoudemire participated in four-on-four scrimmages today, but didn't speak to the media afterward. Also participating in said scrimmages: Michael Dickerson! No idea why. He was just in the area, I suppose. Anyway, Wednesday still sounds like the target date for Amar'e's return to the floor.

- Jeremy Lin got his stitches out and is therapeutin' away behind the scenes.

- Oh, and Josh Harrellson picked up a black eye last night. Not sure when that happened, but I bet he looks AWESOME now.

So that's where things stand headed into tomorrow's game against the Heat. New York will still be short-handed, but from the sound of things, no more short-handed (short-ankled?) than they were last night.