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Tyson Chandler says he's okay.

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I'm working on the recap now, but I imagine a lot of us were way more concerned with Tyson Chandler's left knee injury than we were with the loss to the Heat. He came up limpin' after driving on Joel Anthony in the third quarter and, even though he returned, looked to be struggling for the rest of the game. Tyson just spoke to the media, and while the knee does hurt, it doesn't sound like it's a major injury. Tina Cervasio:

Tyson says he'll be fine to play Tues. Knocked knee w someone, bruised, tender, hurt when he went back in, hard to move, go lateral.

That's what they're calling it-- a bruise-- and Chandler won't go in for an MRI or anything, so that's a relief. New York has a day off before their next game, which should bode well for Tyson's chances of playing without pain against the Celtics.

Cool. The prospect of going forward without Chander in the lineup was kinda frightening.