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Video: Here's Carmelo Anthony on "Nurse Jackie".

As promised, Carmelo Anthony was on the show "Nurse Jackie" last night, starring alongside Edie Falco as a drug-addicted baseball player of some sort. Video of Melo's performance, prepared by our friend Trey Kerby, can be seen below.

Our friend Ross beat me to doing a moment-by-moment breakdown of the performance, so check that out for some analysis.

I thought I'd have trouble believing Melo as a professional baseball player, but then he utters his first line-- "professional baseball player"-- which is totally how a professional baseball player would announce himself, and the character begins to take. "Wayne" has depth, too: he giggles when he hears an old lady shout the word "fuck", he admits to intentionally injuring himself in order to get "dope for a whole year", he plays solitaire instead of joining the rest of the addicts in their game (even though there's an empty seat!) and worries that somebody might mess with his cards when he leaves to "take a leak". It's moving, complex stuff, and save for the knowing gaze when he hears about Jackie's disc injury, it draws very little on Melo's real-life experience. Acting, y'all.