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P&T Video: How the hell did Steve Novak get so open against the Celtics?

Evening, pups. Your game thread will be up soon, but before we move on to Knicks-Nets, I wanted to quickly review some video from last night's win over the Celtics. Steve Novak hit eight of ten threes, which is way more production than the Knicks usually get from the guy. Typically, he has some trouble getting open because defenders know they can stay in his face without fear of being beaten off the dribble. So, when Novak kept burying open shots, my reaction and that of those around me was "how the hell is Steve Novak getting so open?" (and/or "YESSSSYEAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!).

I looked back, and it appeared to be a combination of a couple things: 1. Terrific passing by Carmelo Anthony out of double teams. 2. Good use of screens and cutting to open space. 3. Terrible recovery and close-out defense by the Celtics.

As always, thanks to for the video and to our dear friends at the SB Nation studios for help putting everything together. Have a look (and apologies for the fuzzy sound).

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