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Game Thread: Knicks at Nets- 4/18/12

Evening, constables! The Knicks play perhaps their final game ever in the state of New Jersey tonight, as they'll face the Nets in the second of a back-to-back. The Nets are pretty bad and are missing Deron Williams, but they beat Philadelphia recently, came quite close to beating the Heat, and will have Gerald Wallace back in the lineup. Particularly after such an exciting win last night, this one stinks of trap game material. The Nets have nothing to play for but pride right now, and they'd probably quite like to beat the Knicks again and take the season series. Hopefully the Knicks can avoid that.

Oh, one thing:

Baron Davis out tonight (stomach virus). Bibby starts.

So, uh...yeah. Whatever tummy ailment bothered Davis last night appears to have lingered. Mike Bibby played very nicely against the Celtics, so...uh...hopefully he can keep doing positive things tonight. And hopefully the Knicks don't need much of him. When Bibby's off the floor, it'll be interesting to see whether Mike Woodson goes with the usual Iman Shumpert/J.R. Smith/Landry Fields "point guard" fill-in, or if he springs Toney Douglas back from the bench for a few minutes.

Should be a weird one. Comment here if you're watching, check out Nets Daily, and please refrain from posting photos, .gifs, illegal streams, and rap lyrics about Geena Davis in the thread. Get 'em, Knicks.