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The Knicks are going to the playoffs.


The Pacers just beat the Bucks, thus ensuring that Milwaukee cannot finish this season with a better record than the Knicks. Because the Knicks hold the tiebreaker with the Bucks, they are guaranteed to finish above them in the standings. Put simply: No matter what happens in the remaining games, the Knicks are going to the playoffs. The NBA playoffs, just so we're clear.

Think back to late January and early March and where things seemed to be headed. I'm pretty sure I started lurking around mock drafts at some point there (knowing full well that New York's pick, even if it fell in the lottery, would almost definitely go to Houston, but having no other outlet for my sorrow). So, with all that behind us, it's pretty wonderful to have reached this point. This season will either end in an elimination or a championship, or maybe two championships because the Knicks just win so many playoff games so hard that David Stern breaks from tradition and awards them a second trophy.