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The Word From Today's Knicks Practice

The Knicks got to hold practice today-- a rare and exciting event. They're probably packing up to head to Indianapolis as we speak, but before they mobilized, they spoke to reporters. Take the jump for a few post-practice items of note.

- Mike Woodson had previously suggested that the Knicks wouldn't look outside the organization for point guard help. Now, presumably having conferred a bit more with Glen Grunwald and friends, he sounds even more certain about that, at least for the time being. Things could change if the injury situation gets more dire (stay loose, Baron Davis) or if the Knicks start to crumble, but it sounds like things will remain as is for now.

- Baron, by the way, endorses a slower, more halfcourt-oriented approach as long as he's starting point guard (which seemed to be the plan already anyway):

"We have such explosive scorers on this team that playing a grind-it-out halfcourt game could be to our advantage''

- Interestingly enough, Amar'e Stoudemire will still travel with the team to Indiana.

- Carmelo Anthony, asked about the schedule ahead and the playoff match-ups still in question, deflected all that talk and said the right things. Good job, Melo!

- Not from practice, but a few people have linked this Post report discussing Jeremy Lin's injury with an expert in orthopedics. I try not to read much into opinions of people-- even doctors-- who haven't actually encountered the patient in question, but the upshot is that "torn meniscus" describes a wide range of injuries and, until they go in there with the arthroscope, we won't be certain how bad this injury is and how long the recovery will take.

Knicks Now has videos of some of the above stuff if you're interested. More later. Oh, and how would y'all feel about a NCAA Championship thread on the front page tonight?