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Iannazzone: Knicks to Waive Bill Walker, Sign Dan Gadzuric?

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Upd8: This is official now, in case you were hung up on my question mark (that sounds like a euphemism and it IS).

Well, this came out of nowhere. Al Iannazzone just twat the following:

Knicks planning to waive bill walker and sign dan gadzuric. Nothing official yet.

Gadzuric on his way to cleve. Will be playoff eligible.

Oh? I guess see the logic here? Walker wasn't in the rotation anyway, and with Jared Jeffries playing on a bad knee, the Knicks didn't feel totally comfortable with just Josh Harrellson and Jerome Jordan as auxiliary frontcourt depth? Thus, Dan Gadzuric?

I guess so. Gadzuric is an okay player-- he's tall and makes some funny faces-- but I'm a little bummed for two reasons: 1. The Celtics signed Sean Williams (or "Chong", as we used to call him when a few of us really wanted the Knicks to draft him) today, and he's much more hilarious than Dan Gadzuric. 2. I love Bill Walker. I don't care what anyone says. I love him and I'll miss him.

So, uh, welcome! Oddly enough for a team named after Dutch settlers, this is the first Knick to ever hail from the Netherlands. Cool!

(Side note: I added it as an update to the last post, but in case you missed it: Iman Shumpert will start at shooting guard tonight. Landry Fields will come off the bench.)