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Game Thread: Knicks at Hawks- 4/22/12

Good afternoon, children! The Knicks play their antepenultimate game of the season today against the Hawks. Recall that the Knicks have clinched a playoff spot, but they can still drop to eighth (which would please a lot of us) and still hold the slimmest of chances of climbing up to sixth. It'd require winning out while the Magic lose out. It's probably not happening.

Anyway, today's game will be...a game. Something. Tyson Chandler's not going to play and Jared Jeffries (shut down for the rest of the regular season) won't either. We'll see Amar'e Stoudemire at the five, more Josh Harrellson than usual, and perhaps some Jerome Jordan and/or Dan Gadzuric action! Let us relax and just enjoy the basketball without getting too worked up about anything that transpires, okay? (Unless Amar'e looks really great. Then I'm going to get super excited.)

This is the game thread. This is Peachtree Hoops, a fine Hawks blog. Please don't post photos, .gifs, illegal streams, or distress messages from alien lifeforms in the thread. Tip-off's at 1.