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P&T Video: Baron Davis Penetrates 'n' Creates.

Baron Davis missed a few games because of a tummy ailment, and in the first few minutes of his return yesterday he still looked a bit ill. After a couple pretty ugly turnovers, though, Baron started to make some wonderful things happen off the dribble. He burned Jeff Teague and Atlanta's poor help defense to get to the basket a few times, penetrated for kick-outs and dump-offs a few other times, and kept the Hawks from collapsing into the paint by drilling a few threes himself. (Credit the shooting of Landry Fields and the mere threat of Steve Novak for helping to spread the floor as well).

When Baron's healthy and not feeling too sore, he's still got a pretty nice first step and some agility on the move. He can't exactly be relied upon to produce like this every night, but Baron's work off the dribble was key to New York's win yesterday, and it'd be preeeeetty great if the Knicks could get a few performances like this one in the playoffs.

As always, thanks to for the video and thanks to my friends at the SBN Studios for helping with the production and music and stuff.