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Glen Grunwald has been named the Knicks' executive vice president and general manager.

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Hey, excellent! Glen Grunwald's done a really splendid job of cobbling together a functional Knicks team this year. He brought in Tyson Chandler (who's pretty good at sports) and also made a few small signings-- Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak, J.R. Smith, and Baron Davis-- that yielded huge results. (The wonderful dividends of the Dan Gadzuric signing await.)

We were all sort of wondering when he'd molt that "interim" tag and get the job in earnest, and it appears that day has finally arrived. Here's the meat of the press release, via Steve Popper:

The New York Knickerbockers announced today that Glen Grunwald has been named executive vice president and general manager. Grunwald had been serving in this role on an interim basis since July.

"Glen has done a terrific job this season," Executive Chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company James Dolan said. "He is an intelligent, seasoned executive and we look forward to him continuing in the role of General Manager for many years to come."

Excellent. Well done, Mr. Grunwald, and congratulations. You've got plenty of work left to do.