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A Few Things Before Knicks-Clippers

I found some links that didn't make it into the salamanders before and a few more things that pertain to tonight's game, so here's a post.

- Chris Paul is questionable for tonight's game. He suffered a "mild left groin strain" last night. As Charles Barkley said last night, "no such hurr murr mild murr gurr strum". I hope Chris Paul doesn't play because I want the Clippers to lose. L.A. is trying to lock up homecourt advantage, though, so he probably won't.

- Tyson Chandler's good to go tonight for the Knicks, so we'll get to see how the frontcourt cHeMiStRy looks.

- We're rooting for the Bobcats tonight. This is Rufus On Fire.

- Here's Amar'e Stoudemire talking about facing Blake Griffin. This post has become a repository for ESPN links.

- Hey now, Clyde!

Chris and Blake will be tryin to shake and bake, but the Knicks are up to the task to kick their ***!

"Kick their cask", I assume.

- Jill Martin says there's going to be a pre-game thing about Tracy Morgan trying out for the Knicks, so I think I'll be tuning in early.

And some more quick links: Leitch's list of every man to wear orange and blue since the Knicks last won a playoff game and Sebastian Pruiti's final Rookie Rankings (including Iman Shumpert).

Okay, that's it. Just wanted to share all that stuff. Game thread will be up pretty soon.