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There's a P&T meet-up tonight!

This is the last time I'll remind/annoy y'all about this, I promise. Just want to make sure everybody's seen it. We're meeting at a bar in Brooklyn for Knicks-Bobcats tonight. It's the last mostly meaningless Knicks game of the season, and we're gathering to drink drinks, eat eats, enjoy the game, and brace ourselves for the playoffs. Here are some facts:

- This is where we're meeting up. The game tips at 8:00, but I hope to be there much earlier-- like 6:30 or 7-- and I know some others plan to show up early as well.

- This isn't an organized event of any kind (like one of the previous meet-ups was). We're just all congregating in the same place. I've heard tell of free hot dogs, though.

- Yes, the Rangers game will also be playing on another TV.

- I will be there and Osborn will join us at some point as well. Come say hi! (I'm that person from the videos. Osborn is fuzzy and has red hair and we'll probably be cowering together in a corner somewhere).

For those of you who live out of town and/or won't be able to make it, there'll be a game thread up tonight. I will eat one hot dog in each of your honors, provided that they are, indeed, free. That's all! If you're joining us, it'd be helpful for you to email me, but I'm pretty confident now that we're not gonna violate any maximum occupancy laws, so I'm not insisting on it anymore. Let me know if you have any other questions or anything. I hope to see many of you tonight!