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Knicks 104, Bobcats 84


Hello! Just got home from the P&T meet-up. It was a lovely evening. Thanks to those of y'all who joined us, and thankfuler thanks to gbaked and to the bar folks for setting this up. And hey, thanks to all of you who commented in the game thread. Thanks to everybody in the world.

As for the game itself, wasn't the closest attention I've ever paid to a Knicks game. Y'all are probably better qualified to recap this one than I am. I saw Jerome Jordan and Josh Harrellson do a lot of zany stuff at the rim. I saw Amar'e Stoudemire play some pretty solid ball, including a dunk directly on Tyrus Thomas's uvula. Shit was fierce. And while nobody put up any spectacular numbers (or, alas, broke the three-point record), Steve Novak and J.R. Smith shot nicely, and some combination of Earl, Mike Bibby, and Iman Shumpert did a nice job of distributing the ball. And while Gerald Henderson played nicely and D.J. White (one of the best DJs on the Bobcats, I'd say. Definitely top two.) seemed to be hitting a mid-range jumper every time I looked up, the Bobcats didn't have a shot. They suck. They suck more than anyone has ever sucked, in fact. Poor Bobcats.

That is all. I'm exhausted. Knicks-Heat playoff coverage begins tomorrow. <3