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Friday Komodo Dragons


Photo: Midori

Evening, barn babies. I hope you are all happy and structurally intact. Please consult the links I have arranged after the jump. They are crucial to your well-being.

- I chose komodo dragons for two reasons: 1. I think chrive's daughter asked for them. 2. I would like to encourage the Knicks to play like giant, flesh-eating lizards tomorrow. They don't have to make huge white poops or anything, though.

- I have trouble sitting through previews of sporting events, but, well, I did, and here are some good ones if you're so inclined: John Schuhmann, Seabass Pruiti, Jonathan Fishner, Mike Kurylo, Zach Lowe, Snerf Rosigball. Also, whenever the Yahoo! one goes up, that'll be good. Updates: Hardwood Paroxysm, BDL.

- Carmelo Anthony was named Player of the Month for April! Well done, Melo! Now be the Player of the Rest of the Month for April and the Player of the Month for May and June!

- More on Tyson Chandler's flu. This article made me think for like five minutes about how it's weird that people with the "flu" have to get a lot of "fluids". I don't think I've eaten enough today.

- I also did this video with Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown. I SWEAR I wasn't cutting him off like that every time. It's an error in the recording. I swear I swear.

- Meanwhile, our friend Mr. Leitch breaks down every possible outcome for Knicks-Heat and counts down the top ten wins of the season. (I argued with him about a couple of his choices. I think this ought to be a discussion at the end of the season. In late June.)

- KnicksNow's Top 10 Plays of the Year will give you a mini basketboner. Baskethuffy.

- Richard Sandomir cuts into that wicked overlap between the broadcasts of the Knicks and Rangers series.

- This is only tangentially Knicks-related, but it's from a friend of the blog and it's quite entertaining. No, I'm not going to tell you what it is.

That's all for now, friends. We're less than 24 hours away. Shiiiiiiiiiiit.