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Open Playoff Thread: 4/29/12


I didn't particularly enjoy the two games after New York lost yesterday. They weren't bad games, but I just didn't really like basketball anymore. Having slept on it, though, I'm looking forward to today's slate. This early part of the postseason-- when you've got three or four games a day and an all-day schedule on weekends-- is pretty awesome, even if the match-ups aren't quite as competitive. Anyway, I'm sure plenty of you will be watching along with me, so here's a thread for all four Sunday games. The schedule for today, as well as the SB Nation blogs for each team competing:

1:00: Utah Jazz (SLC Dunk) vs. San Antonio Spurs (Pounding The Rock) on ESPN

3:30: Denver Nuggets (Denver Stiffs) vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Silver Screen and Roll) on ABC

4:00: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson And His Bad Boy Lifestyle vs. An Eight Year-Old Daughter He Never Knew He Had in The Game Plan on USA

7:00: Boston Celtics (Celtics Blog) vs. Atlanta Hawks (Peachtree Hoops) on TNT

9:30: Los Angeles Clippers (Clips Nation) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (Straight Outta Vancouver) on TNT

Comment along if you're watching!