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Jeremy Lin held a fairly epic Q&A session yesterday.


Last night, just hours removed from letting doctors root around inside his knee, Jeremy Lin returned home to recover and figured he'd use the down time to take some questions from his Facebook fans or friends or followers or whatever they're called. Once the painkillers wore off (I know that's a tweet, not a Facebook post. Try to keep up. It's 2012 beep boop beep.), Jeremy opened things up and began answering questions. Thousands of queries came in, and Jeremy took the time to answer a whole bunch of 'em. Thankfully, we don't have to comb through to find his answers, because some friendly and courageous internet friends took the time to compile all the responses. Thanks to Phil for emailing me some, and also thanks to the Huang sisters for putting stuff online. Here are some INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT Jeremy Lin facts gleaned from the Q&A situation (I learned that we have a lot in common):

- Jeremy's biggest pet peeve is traveling home with fragrant take-out food, but being unable to eat it until arrival. I totally feel that.

- Jeremy's favorite Pokemon is Blastoise. Can't say I agree, and that seems like kind of a frontrunner's choice, but not bad. At least he didn't say Mewtwo or something.

- Jeremy hopes to travel to Korea and Japan this summer.

- Jeremy is afraid of needles, which probably made yesterday pretty tough for him.

- Jeremy likes pineapples a lot.

- Jeremy's favorite animals are dolphins and penguins. Seems like there's an aquatic theme.

- Jeremy's favorite candies are "refrigerated fruit snacks or Haribo Coca Cola Gummies". Splendid choices, Mr. Lin.

- Jeremy does not like to fart continuously, but some of his teammates do. (IT'S JOSH HARRELLSON A.K.A JARTS A.K.A BIG PAMPER. HE FARTS CONTINUOUSLY.)

- Jeremy does not have a girlfriend, nor will he be your prom date.

- It sounds like Jeremy overfed and murdered a lot of pet fish in his youth.

- Jeremy fears all insects except for ants.

And then, at 12:15 this morning, Jeremy vomited, ending the Q&A. I guess the painkillers hadn't totally worn off.