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Tyson Chandler, Baron Davis, and Landry Fields will start tonight.


Shootaround has come and gone, and we now have a sense for how ready the various ailing Knicks will be for tonight's game. Here's Howard Beck with the update on Tyson Chandler:

Tyson said his fever is gone and he's improving, but still not 100%. Frankly, he looked and sounded drained.

Chandler will start at center, and will hopefully have the strength to play more like Tyson Chandler this time around. Guy looked like a zombie on Sunday and played one of the worst games of his entire career so, ya know, we hope that isn't the case tonight. And if it is, I hope Mike Woodson has learned to recognize the signs and let him sit.

And here's Beck's update on Baron Davis:

Baron said he's "not close" to 100% and still very stiff. I'll be surprised if he plays more than 15 mins. Lots of Toney Douglas tonight.

Baron's been prettttty rough to watch when playing through injury, but the Knicks need everything they can get out of him. Even with Iman Shumpert out, I'm surprised that Toney's name would come up. He also had the flu, didn't he? I suppose he's a day or two ahead of Chandler in his recovery, though I'd still expect Woodson to go with non-point guard lineups before he puts Douglas out there. We shall see. Shump, meanwhile, is laid up in the hospital. He looks...peaceful (I did a double take on that one. Thought he'd grown a ladyhead for a second). Landry Fields will start in his place tonight and spend a lot of time guarding Dwyane Wade. Good luck with that, Landry.

So, uh...the injury situation isn't looking much better than it did before Game One. With Shump out, the situation's probably even worse. I remain hopeful! Anything can happen?