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Game Two Thread: Knicks at Heat- 4/30/12

Evening, friends. They're doing another one of those playoff game things again tonight. I hope it goes better this time! The Knicks will face the Heat in Miami at 7:00 on TNT (and MSG this time). You can find updates on the availability of Tyson Chandler (still sick, but less sick, and playing) and Baron Davis (still sore but playing as much as he can) here.

With or without those two, Mike Woodson and the Knicks will need to find a way to reconstruct an offense that got totally dismantled by some simple but vigorous defense from the Heat in Game One. The Knicks could barely cross halfcourt when Miami decided to front Carmelo Anthony, a topic that has been discussed and dealt with by some smart people. Now let's see how the Knicks themselves cope and, should Miami changes things up yet again, how they react. (And I suppose we should be looking for new aggressive strategies-- as opposed to just counter-moves-- from the Knicks themselves, but that first game established them as the unmistakable beta in this relationship. We'll see.)

Comment along here, check out Peninsula Is Mightier, and please refrain from posting photos, .gifs, illegal streams, and guano-themed artwork in the thread. GET 'EM, KNICKS.