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Jared Jeffries hopes to return on Sunday.


The Knicks have been solid for the last two weeks, but it felt at times like they were missing something-- something long, spindly, and defensively competent with questionable hands and perpetually pursed lips. I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway, Jared Jeffries went on the radio today and, as was surmised earlier, sounded about ready to return from his knee injury. From Ian Begley:

"Im doing great. I plan on playing Sunday," Jeffries said Friday afternoon during an interview with ESPN New York 1050's "Ruocco and Lundberg."

He worked out with Knicks assistant Kenny Atkinson on Friday morning and spent 30 minutes on the court, saying afterward that his knee felt 'great.'

Excellent! It'll be great to have Jeffries back against the Bulls. It'll also be interesting to see how his presence changes the rotation. Will the starting lineup return to normal, only with Jeffries in Amar'e's Stoudemire's four spot, or will Mike Woodson stick to his smaller squad with Carmelo Anthony at the four? Will Josh Harrellson continue to get minutes off the bench? Perhaps we'll know more after practice tomorrow. Anyway, welcome back, Jared! Missed u.\

Update: Blood spinnin', perhaps?